Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Water the seeds – Horace and the Hugging Trees inception

In spiritual circles, there is a common esoteric belief that every experience in your life leads you on a perfect trajectory to your divine life path. Until a few years ago, I would have dismissed this philosophy as a load of hogwash.  However, on reflection I realise that my whole writing journey started in childhood and is still evolving to this day. To explain further, I come from a long line of Sicilian storytellers who love nothing more than to spin a yarn, entertain and share their wisdom.

Growing up, I remember savouring every word of the tales told by various family members as they recounted stories from their past.  The subject matter was vast and expanded upon as I got older. My absolute favourite category, family secrets and more specifically SCANDAL.  When I was very young, I loved to hear stories about my many cousins back home in Sicily, as I felt it somehow inexplicably linked me to them. There were tales of the arduous sea journey to Australia, war times, lost loves, family holidays, food and pretty much everything in between.  In retrospect, I suspect there was a fair amount of embellishment, as the stories seem to morph a little over time. The epiphany is that those formative years spent with my relatives not only kept me amused and my mind fertile but also taught me so much about the true value of sharing a story. 

It doesn’t matter if you believe you don’t have the necessary writing skills or imagination to tell stories. The fact is, we each have a flower garden of tales in our subconscious planted with seedlings lying in wait. All that is required for them to sprout is to draw from the eternal well of knowledge that has been filling inside us since birth. Once watered with our life experiences, observations, and perceptions, these seedlings will grow and blossom into stories unique to every one of us. So don’t waste any time. Start your writing journey today. It might take a little cultivating, but it will absolutely be worth every effort!

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