"Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful."

- Rita Dove 




'Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.'
H. Jackson. Brown Jr.


We were strangers at the start,
But somehow you snuck right into my heart.
Skin so soft and eyes so pure,
You brought out the best in me and me in you.
With every step you took, I was there.
When we were together, I didn’t have a care.
Your depth for giving is both wonderful and rare,
This gift to the world I somehow bared.
Green, brown and blue - they are my lanterns.
When I’m blinded by those old dark patterns,
Your footprints will be forever carved upon sand, stone and time.
You are the sweetest and most precious child of mine.




2020 Season of the Soul

Come in from the snow, peel back the layers,

take a strong and steady breath for this is a time like no other.

Remove the mask, let the shock reside and remember who you really are.

Unwind, take the back seat for a while, why not look around with child-like wonder?


Lay by the fire and melt into the silence of your dreams.

Fear not the rain will smother the flame for

you are your own lighthouse, courage and compassion your beacons. 

Patience and kindness are your new paradigm.


Check in on family, friends and even strangers.

The lines will be blurred, it’s not all about you anymore, we are all in this together.

The air will seem sweeter; the rivers will look cleaner and your heart will feel deeper.

 Inexplicably you’ll recognise, you don’t need as much as you perceived.


We will grieve our fallen and revel in our tenacity.

Lines will be drawn in the sand, and they will say a “call to arms for a better world”.

On the sounding of the final trumpet the history books will mark the spot,

when the world just stopped and all seemed lost,  united we forged on. 


 When the years roll by and the chill has left our bones.

 We will gather in the springtime eternally bonded, music now the sound of others laughter.

 Our hugs will be tighter, our gratitude stronger

 and our smiles will linger, when we reminisce with  poignancy,  the season of the soul.



'Hope is passion for what is possible.'
Soren Kierkegaard



Winds of Change
The air, it is so crisp and clear,
A script of new beginnings written in the wind,
From the highest tip of the Himalayas to the red dust down under.
Clear your minds, shut your eyes, you will hear it like a clap of thunder.
Faces new and old you’ll see
Silhouetted against the setting sun.
A new age dawning, no longer opaque.
Clear your minds open your eyes - you will see everything laid at your feet.

The warmth is like liquid gold,
The heat so intense it reaches right into your very soul.
You have never felt so complete, unconditionally loved, magnificent and at peace.
Clear you minds, open your heart - you will never ever want to leave.
All around you’ll feel the serenity.
Will-o’-the-Wisps find their way.
Heaven welcomes, to never ever let them stray.
Clear your minds, feel the Fae - they have been with you all the way.

Energy and stillness is both abound
No need to never ever frown,
Every moment a gift of clarity.
Clear your minds, remember the past has passed, live for now and be the director, producer and the cast.
Never ever to feel afraid, unloved or shunned,
Never ever to feel small, too tall, or not the mold.
Never ever to feel not tough enough, smart enough, giving enough, pretty enough, ENOUGH!
Clear your minds, still your heart, forgive yourself, you are perfect exactly as you are.



Inner Child

Life is not about how you survive the storm,
but how you dance in the rain!

Fiddlesticks, Fobblytops and Fairy floss
I’m free to be me, crazy, quirky, uniquely me
Hitch a ride, with the tide or flying fairy floss
Jump in the air, spin a chair
Make faces in a pond and even scare a swan….not really
That’s me joking, poking, raising hell or just snoring
I’m freeeeeeee, wonderfully free, nobody to tell me how to be
Cranky, crabby, silent or serene
Wilful, soulful, creative or just a little mean
Energetic, eccentric or just a touch melodramatic
Romantic, sympathetic, loyal as the grass is green
Ecstatic, problematic and a little maniac tic
I’m freeeeee, just made up a word, cause I can…….ferking fanstastic!
Frizzy hair, big toosh……….think I will make a croquembouche!
Wearing slippers to the shops, eating loads of lollypops
Diabetic coma, lying on the sofa, way too late to start the day
May as well put it off until tomorrow!!!!!!!
Luscious lips, womanly hips, hairy legs and smelly feet
Troup adore, conquistador or think maybe I will just lay on the floor
Kissing trees in the park, singing and dancing in the dark
Wish upon the stars so bright; know my name is on some galactic starship in neon lights

Not a care, awesome flair, but more than anything I am free!!!!!!!!!!!
NOW REPEAT…..I’mfreeI’mfree…….I’mfreefreefree, to be exactly who I want to be…….ha got ya!!!!!!!!!

                 Move over Bridget Jones

Ok, so I don’t have the blonde locks,

Or big blue doughy eyes the colour of the sky.

But we are as similar as two can be.

I’m the pumpkin scone and you’re the Earl Grey tea -

I’m the lock and you’re the key.


Mayhem and disaster usually prevail,

Most certainly almost always on the grandest of scales.

Our aim is to blend quietly, but where we’ve been, people often seem to flee.

Even the purest of intentions,

Seems to instantly give the wrong impression.


Mother Nature loves to play,

Biding her time, for the hardest of days.

Birds and bees all in cahoots,

Following us, in their mischievous pursuit.

Wind, rain, fire and hail always without fail.


Palms frightfully clammy and cheeks all blushing,

Our practised speech comes out all rushing,

The content and delivery just not quite right.

And the further we go, it’s our horror and their delight.

But we will never, ever give up without a fight!


Playing games is not our style, even for a little while.

Our emotions we cannot control;

They’re constantly simmering or on full boil.

We may appear quite ditzy, but it’s just in the execution. 

Our exuberance and passion gets out of control.


We love to tell and then hear the laughter, the funny side we see after 

Marching to our own beat. So what if we sometimes forget to move out of the heat?    

The good, the bad and the wonderfully ugly, we complete,

And rest assured, no matter what’s thrown our way,

We will always somehow safely, land on our feet!


Blue Rock Legend of the Wolf



There she stands, proud in the haze,

The red sand a sea.

For her mast to spray.

The hot wind can’t touch her,

As the rocks below are the anchors.

If only they knew how much she adores.


All around, you hear the chanting,

Of secret business and drums banging.

The blood-smeared faces have seen the wolf prancing.

They blindly flee into the dark,

The moon the only spark.

If only they knew what deceit.


But they are too afraid to look beneath,

That they too, will turn to rock.

The dingo’s yellow eyes do mock.

The mighty thunder creates a shock,

And is then followed by the heavens’ angry tears.

If only they knew there was nothing to fear.

She cries in agony as they depart,

For they take with them not only her heart,

But the future and the legends past.

Leaving her womb empty, the die now cast

For the unborn to pay the terrible cost.

If only they knew what they have lost.


The serpent glides down in a hole,

For the sun has now got a stranglehold

The trees stoop in frustration

While the cockatoos fall from exhaustion

And the lush earth now turns to dust.

If only they knew what faith can achieve.


They would see what foolishness it was to leave.

Some still nights you can hear an eerie wailing,

A sound so agonising it drives you crazy.

But there until eternity, she awaits,

Until her beloved’s return once more

And harmony and justice is returned for all.  



'Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.'
Martin Luther King Jr.



A Pocket Full of Faith, Hope and Love
 Human spirit - it does exist
 It is not a fairy-tale or written in the mist
 In times of famine, war and pestilence, it can be seen from the most distant galaxy
From the greatest of men to the seemingly insignificant
 We share reserves of power beyond compare

Deep inside a flame no energy can extinguish
 Despair, disaster not part of this vocabulary
 Courage and integrity the imprint tattooed between the heartbeats
 The inner sanctum of the Apocalypse, untouched by the ashes of the burning labyrinth

The freedom of a creative soul, because half a life is not near enough
 A will to prevail, no matter the atrocity, injustice or loss
 The wisdom to forgive the unforgivable
 Two hands, tips together, a pyramid of light filled with tranquillity

 A clear vision devoid of any fear, and the faith to manifest it
Tenderness in abundance and a willingness to laugh at the twists of fate
 On the bleakest of days, a pocket full of Faith, Hope and Love,
 Is all you will ever need, the rest is just loose change



Cosmic Blueprint

I am the embodiment of all that’s been and all that is.

In my genes there lies within,

The brilliant flame and seraphim.

All that I’ve spent my life searching for

Resides underneath my own thin skin.

Every breath intake a communion -     

The air, the sea and sun in unison.


A mishmash of humanity, swimming in a golden stream,

Double Helix the secret code,

The scientist yet to totally unfold.

50 trillion universes dancing round and round,

A language so supremely intelligent,

No words can express the awe inspiring imagination.


An ocean constantly imploding,

The ebb and flow for an eternity.

The cause and effect of serendipity,

Uncapped energy I possess.

White light emanates from my heart, the engine and the furnace.

No ego steers this ship,

Only pure emotion and intent.

Protons, neutrons, electrons, love the glue that holds it all together.

And when the metaphysical tires of the beat,

The soul flies free to magically renew in the ethers.

Most think it’s all about the nuclei

But take them out and you don’t immediately die.



The humble mud worm shares the same antiquity,

 Metamorphosis comes quite easily.

To the seemingly simplest of species. 

Scholars, philosophers and researchers, have you over analysed it?

Could the answer be closer than you think or even hidden in the mighty Sphinx?

Since before the dawn of man, the pattern has repeated;

Man, beast and flora, all the same reaction.

Ensuring for the ages a blissfully divine co-creation.