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We are excited to announce the release of 
Horace and the Hugging Trees
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Horace and the Hugging Trees, only $19.99!

Horace and the Hugging Trees (eBook), only $5.99! 

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* Featuring many native Australian animals


Horace and the Hugging Trees is the first book in a two-part series. Living in the sunless, polluted No Sun City where everyone has forgotten how to have fun, is Horace, a tiny owl with big dreams. Travelling in his father’s dream machine, he sets out on a mission to find a world where he can play all day and dream happy thoughts at night. Landing on a healthy planet so vastly different to his own, he is amazed by what he sees. After some unexpected twists and turns, Horace finally fulfils his dream but also discovers what is really important to him. Featuring many native Australian animals, this story will delight young children and open their eyes to the importance of looking after their environment.

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Testimonials for Horace and the Hugging Trees

What an enchanting story about hope for the environment, with imaginative and breath-taking illustrations. This story takes readers on a magical journey of courage and possibility. - Vicki Bennett, author of The Little Stowaway and Two Pennies. 

Tina Cardillo reaches out to the stirrings of younger children to find and preserve the wonder and beauty of nature in their ever-changing world. Beautifully illustrated and a thoughtful read, 'Horace and the Hugging Trees' is a great example of visual literacy to stimulate children's imagination - Syliva Nunn, Junior/Middle/Special Education Teacher (Grad. Cert. Ed., B. Ed.) 20 years. 

'Horace and the Hugging Trees' is an inspirational and fun children's book with a very relevant environmental message - that we can all make a difference! We would all do much better for the planet if we follow the advice of the small owl with a big dream! - Greg Freeman, Managing Director Impact Environmental Consulting Pty Ltd 


Pure magic! This delightful tale of a young owl pursuing a healthier future for our planet hooks right into the ‘eco-zeitgeist’ of Generation Alpha.  Perfect reading for the sensibilities of the lower primary school years. - Michelle Simmons (B.A. Grad. Dip.Ed) 36 years