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Horace and the Hugging Trees
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"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a NEW DREAM"

C.S. Lewis

There was a young  owl who was always dreaming,

of a clean, green planet with a golden light.

The trouble was, he was so little.

Sometimes he felt quite invisible.

Horace and the Hugging Trees

* Featuring many native Australian animals


Horace and the Hugging Trees is the first book in a two-part series. Living in the sunless, polluted No Sun City where everyone has forgotten how to have fun, is Horace, a tiny owl with big dreams. Travelling in his father’s dream machine, he sets out on a mission to find a world where he can play all day and dream happy thoughts at night. Landing on a healthy planet so vastly different to his own, he is amazed by what he sees. After some unexpected twists and turns, Horace finally fulfils his dream but also discovers what is really important to him. Featuring many native Australian animals, this story will delight young children and open their eyes to the importance of looking after their environment.

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There's something special about trees, isn't there?


I’ve always thought so. Growing up in Brisbane’s West End, I spent hours sitting in the shade of magnificent 100-year-old pine trees when I wasn’t exploring riverbanks. I connected with my surroundings there, as though I shared a secret language with the whispering trees. I wasn’t sure how it worked but when I was anxious, I would sit on the grass with my back against a tree, and feel soothed. I now know I was grounding myself. Mother Nature gave me her calming energy when I hugged a tree.

Hi, I’m Tina, author of a two-part children’s series called Horace and the Hugging Trees.


I care deeply about nature. Over the years, much to my children’s amusement, I have been known to walk up to a tree, introduce myself, and give it a big hug! My two children are grown-up now, and I am instead owned by a four-kilogram, feisty ball of feline fluff—my cat, Izzy.


Today, I am worried about the trees disappearing.


Fortunately, there’s still hope that together we can change that. Whether you’re a child or a grown-up, my little picture-book owl named Horace will help you reconnect with nature. As you travel with him on an imaginative journey, he’ll give you some ideas of what you can do. My wish is that he will inspire and empower you to be part of a legacy of saving our environment.

Tina Cardillo Author